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Flight MH370 underwater search continues

The search for the Malaysia Airlines missing flight MH370 that has headed underwater has reached a very critical juncture announced the Malaysian government asking for prayers of it being successfully completed. They feel the search could finally be completed this week. The current underwater search is focused on a tight 10 kilometre circle on the floor of the Indian Ocean reported the Australian search officials. A United States Navy’s deep sea autonomous underwater vehicle has been deployed for a remote stretch of the Indian Ocean floor for signs of the wreckage of the missing MH370 on March 8 with 239 people on board.

The Bluefin-21 is the autonomous underwater vehicle that has been used for surveying. It uses sonar for the search and can also employ cameras to probe further when something is detected. After searching for almost two months without having been able to locate any debris, the underwater search began about a small area consolidated on the location of the pings taken to have been emitted from the plane’s black box recorders on April 8.

The Joint Agency Coordination Centre conducting the search stated that if the weather conditions were favorable the search would be completed within this week.They however added that completion did not entail that the search had yielded results. Around 24 countries have been involved in the hunt for the Boeing 777 which disappeared from radar an hour into its flight from Kuala Lumpur. The search for flight MH370 has been on for weeks as daily sorties by planes and ships have failed to turn up any trace of the plane. This mysterious disappearance of the aircraft has baffled aviation experts across the world while having become the most expensive search operation in aviation history.

The Bluefin-21 dived as deep as 4,695 metres, a record for the machine that has been deployed six times spanning 133 square kilometres while footage received from it is being analyzed.

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