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CPM-TMC tussles at Hooghly

The Hooghly district has witnessed a day marred by two political rallies of arch rival headed by the two top notch leaders, Buddhadev Bhattacharya and Mukul Roy. The two parties organized their rallies just at a distance of 5 km. While Buddhadev Bhattacharya slams the government on unemployment and other issues, Mukul Roy has brought back the bitter experiences of 34 years. Mukul Roy did not forget to mention that Mamata Banerjee has exhibited guts to visit Darjeeling, which has been refrained since 1984. Both blamed each other for the growth of Saradha episode. The CPM could bring most of the eminent leaders including Anil Bose in the meeting.

However, the administration remains happy as the tussles between the two arch rivals did not cause any bloodshed or serious calamities.

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