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Congress has been ousted by broom stick

AAP with its famous broom stick has been able to oust the 127-year old Congress Party in Delhi to signal the end of a 15-year term of Sheila Dikshit Government. Congress had to face a drubbing in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan too. The sitting Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit has lost to Arvind Kejriwal and submitted her papers.

Their solace is only the result of Chhattisgarh, where the neck to neck fight has taken us into the rope. We are yet to be confirmed about the final figures, but Narendra Modi has already twitted that the number of seats, Congress has been able to collect is lesser than their score even in one state. It is not important whether BJP can form the Government in Delhi or it will result a hung assembly, at the end, but the mandate against Congress has become evident.

We must not forget that the election result of Delhi may have a long lasting impact on the eve of the General election 2014. It is not at all important whether the face of simplicity and good governance has retained Shivraj Chauhan for the third consecutive term or it is the Modi wave, but the Congress has come to the rock bottom vividly.

The psephologists and political observers have expressed their doubts whether Congress can reach the 3-digit figure in 2014.

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