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Black Flags to Arvind Kejriwal also

Should we call it as irony of fate or paid back in the same coin? Arvind Kejriwal, the revolutionary Aam Aadmi Party leader had to encounter black flags at Faridabad in the beginning of his Haryana road shows. Purushotam Dagar, the AAP candidate of Faridabad parliamentary constituency and Arvind Kejriwal had started the procession from Sector 37 market.

It is apparently an agitation of the local people who had vouched against any form of political party, but it is yet to be unraveled, who triggered the gun.

There are some people in the country who strictly dislike politics. Anna Hazare had come to the limelight because of his uncompromising stance against corruption and many eminent personalities stood by him as he could maintain a distance from all political parties. The history of growth of Arvind Kejriwal and AAP are well cherished. When the people started thinking the horrible outcome of such civic society movements, the local people of Faridabad could exhibit their guts to show resilience to political parties.

India has witnessed Arvind Kejriwal to lead a demonstration in the street against the center even during his tenure as Chief Minister. We know Arvind Kejriwal had organized many such black flags in the past, but ironically the Faridabad people paid him back in the same coin. Such showcase of black flags might not have sent Arvind Kejriwal and his party AAP on the back foot, but it may be termed as the tips of the iceberg of what is going inside the party supporters and commoners.

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