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BJP set to sweep polls in India

There is a strong possibility that BJP will hold its sway according to the last opinion poll before Lok Sabha elections 2014 that has commenced on April 7, Monday conducted by CNN-IBN and Lokniti at the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies. According to the figures of the opinion poll the BJP led National Democratic Alliance is expected to win about 38 per cent of the votes making it around 234 – 246 seats out of the 543 in the Lok Sabha. The Bharatiya Janata Party being led from the front by its prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi who is alone the reason for the party is looking ahead to secure a cool 35 per cent of vote share from the electorates on its own reports the opinion poll.

The Modi wave generated by Narendra Modi has really caught the imagination of the Indian electorate who it seems have decided to grant NDA an opportunity to rule the country. The main expectation from the electorate seems to be the development of India on all fronts. The Congress ruling coalition has been shoved aside due to its failure to curb inflation arising due a scam ridden sojourn combined with rampant corruption. Congress it seems will be garnering an all time low vote share and is supposed to fetch around a maximum of 110 seats out of 543 seated Lok Sabha in 2014 stated the organized opinion poll.

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