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Bindra, Shashank Manohar wants Srinivasan to quit

Shashank Manohar the predecessor to Narayanswamy Srinivasan as the president of the BCCI wants all matches of IPL VI to be probed if required by the CBI. He stuck to his opinion stated 10 months ago when the controversy had broken out that IPL should be cleansed of illegal betting, spot and match fixing before it kicks off this year. Till then Manohar feels that IPL VII should be suspended till the faith of people on the game of cricket in IPL are reinstated. He reiterated that the basic objective of the BCCI is to ensure a clean and disciplined environment for cricket in India as it is the most popular sport of the nation. It must not be diluted under any circumstances despite any amount of money or profits the game of cricket brings in.

On the other hand Inderjit Singh Bindra a former president of the BCCI has said that Srinivasan’s conduct of not having quit from his position for 10 months since the IPL-6 betting and fixing allegations came to light is an abject disgrace for the apex cricket regulatory body in India. He said that it establishes beyond any reasonable doubt that Srinivasan is totally insecure about the truth that could be revealed to all if he no longer heads the BCCI. Bindra also stated that it seems that even after the direction of the apex court of India it seems he is reluctant to resign. Bindra said that the members of the BCCI should have shoved him out when the IPL-6 controversy had erupted last year. Bindra added that Srinivasan is planning to plead the Supreme Court to order another time-bound probe into the murky allegations reported by the Mudgal panel by the BCCI when he will step aside.

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