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Arvind Kejriwal’s Mumbai visit

It seems that Arvind Kejriwal is the only personality in Indian politics who can give Narendra Modi and his NDA a run for their money and Lok Sabha seats. Though the clear line of distinction seems to be that Modi has a lot to show for his claims in the political realm especially the futuristic growth curves in Gujarat while Kejriwal only has a failed governance. Yet it seems people have been attracted to Kejriwal all through India as he generates hope for the people who have been crushed by the innumerable cases of corruption that has punched the UPA-II reign. Kejriwal knows how to put his cards on the table and address the people but he is yet to learn the difference of raising a revolt campaign and running a government from an elected seat. Mumbaikars were granted a chance to see him live for never has the Indian political scene witnessed such a meteoric rise and dramatic downfall of any party in its history. The Mumbaikars did not miss it for anything and watched him in great numbers as the Aam Aadmi Party boss traveled in an auto. Kejriwal’s acts again brought traffic to a standstill in Mumbai thus enraging the common man that too on an otherwise ordinary working day. However it seems the general thought among the masses that had accumulated was to wave and salute a man who is being brave enough to take on the established political parties in India. Kejriwal was accompanied by the party candidate for Mumbai South former banker Meera Sanyal and Medha Patkar, the activist and party candidate from Mumbai North East.

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