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AAP roles out its manifesto

AAP has promised Jan Lokpal, citizen’s charter and self-rule in its manifesto that AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal released yesterday on April 03, 2014 before the general elections in 2014. It has indeed been a trend setting affair for a party to take part so elaborately in a Lok Sabha polls after its formation in the Indian political firmament. Arvind Kejriwal stated that his party would remain focused on combating corruption and decentralization of politics facilitating policies that would further these efforts. Kejriwal also added that the manifesto digs into means that will aid this promising party to achieve their set agendas.

Implementation of swift punishment for corrupt practices, a law for a Jan Lokpal, a citizen’s charter that will punish officials who don’t finish work in the set time frame and self-rule have been propagated through their manifesto. Kejriwal has had the most stunning debut as CM of the Delhi in December 2013 having promised the people clean governance with cheaper water and electricity bills. Unfortunately after a mere 49 days in power he had a tragic exit resigning from his chair as Delhi CM in February after failing to legalize the Jan Lokpal Bill. Safety for citizens, especially women has become a huge responsibility for every political party taking part in the general elections 2014 and AAP reiterated its stand on this grave issue that has come into the limelight after some deeply agonizing crimes have been committed against women in the recent past.

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