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Rajnath Singh from Lucknow

Uttar Pradesh is the state that indeed comes alive during any Lok Sabha elections. It is Uttar Pradesh that has given India Prime Ministers for a long time. Maybe Modi and his associates in BJP want to continue this trend set by their arch rivals from Congress to become the Prime Minister of the nation after winning form a Lok Sabha seat in UP. With Modi contesting form Varanasi now BJP president Rajnath Singh is set to file his nominations from Lucknow on April 5 declared a party leader today on March 31, 2014. Singh was supposed to file his papaers for contesting the Lok Sabha seat from Lucknow only on April 7 but due to some astrological reasons the issue has been duly changed. The BJP president is set to visit the party office at the Vidhan Sabha Marg in Lucknow on his way to submitting his papers for his candidature at the DM’s office. The BJP president Rajnath Singh has been a former Uttar Pradesh CM is the sitting MP from Ghaziabad. Former army chief V.K. Singh is set to contest from Ghaziabad in the General Election 2014.

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