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Unnao – Expedition for Gold

The time will reveal about the result, but a treasure hunt has been kicked off by the Archeological Survey of India at Daudiya Kheda in Unnao District, Uttar Pradesh. Unnao is a backward district and has come to the limelight for such an excavation, the seed of which lies in a dream of a spiritual leader, Baba Shobhan Sarkar.

History has witnessed many such expeditions even by the respective Government agencies, which had been triggered of by scientific or historic evidences.

The unflinching trust and faith of the disciples and the dream of one seer, Baba Shobhan Sarkar, have paved the way for the Unnao expedition, which is the first of its kind.

Of course, Baba Shobhan Sarkar has even agreed to accept punitive action against him if the entire expedition yields nothing.

Whatever might happen a treasure trove of 1,000 to 5,000 tons of gold can hardly be ignored by any country even in the contemporary world. Such huge amount of gold can bring about dramatic changes in the country’s fortune. The report reveals that Raja Rao Ram Bux Singh had left behind huge gold reserves before he was hung till death after the Sepoy Mutiny in 1857 and his fort was demolished by the British soldiers.

Raja Rao’s ancestors had acquired the gold from Abgal kingdom. It is also heard that even Nana Sahib, another renowned fighter, had kept his gold assets in the custody of Raja Rao.

The above mentioned Raja Rao Ram has appeared in the dream of Shobhan Sarkar and ordered him to explore the reserved gold as the country has been passing tremendous tough time during last couple of years.

The saint and his disciples had written several letters to the Prime Minister, Finance Minister and other stalwarts. The Geological Survey of India had already visited the place and their preliminary test report reveals that there is a hint of existence of some non-conductive metals in that area.

According to the myth of the local people, Raja Rao had won the first battle against the gorgeous British and finally had bowed down in a direct confrontation in the subsequent battle. However he spent almost two long years in disguise before the British Administration could arrest him and the capital punishment was awarded. The myth also unfolds that he was hung thrice and after his death, his two daughters committed suicide by jumping into the river Ganga.

It is also said that some villagers have encountered gold in bits and pieces in the vicinity, but nobody could enjoy the gold and had to face several undesirable accidents during the custody of such gold. Local people prefer to address the gold as a curse.

However, digging out sixty odd feet will certainly take its own time. The District Magistrate has perhaps said it correctly that the excavation will take around a month’s time. The Archeological Survey of India and Geological Survey of India have been working together with the support of huge police forces. The presence of various top notches of the Police forces and Administration authorities has been noticed.

The people of the nearby villages have been found to throng the ruins to witness such a live expedition. The place has witnessed overnight changes, when several food shops and cosmetics shops have been installed in such a short period.

We are yet to know the consequences of the exhilarated thrilling expedition, but the State Government and the Central Government have already started infighting about the possession of such a huge quantity of gold that can certainly boost up our scam woven economies.

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