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The consumer market is on

Brushing asides controversies, India have heralded a new era in the consumer market with the induction of international ball players in every sphere of life. The lifestyle of most of the citizens is highly influenced by the products and services of the newer brands and they have been opting for such products despite the economic turbulence.

News reports reveal that Trust Research Advisory had conducted a research based on the Attraction Quotient and found the preferences of the Indian customers. There is no surprise that most of the Indians have shown fascination for Samsung brand followed by Sony and Nokia. The plethora of mobile and smart phones of each of them has made them popular.

The overwhelming popularity of mobile phones certainly paves the ways for cellular operators. It is unfolded that Airtel, Vodafone and Idea have been dominating by holding almost 70% market share. The other service providers like BSNL, Reliance Communication and Tata Tele have been trailing behind.

The popularity of Airtel or Vodafone is beyond questionable, but Idea has come up drastically. Similarly, the poor service of BSNL has forced them to totter where the asking rate is very steep in service segment. The fall of Reliance communication may raise debates.

If we divert our focus from the mobile market, we can find that the newly launched Mercedes M-class model with its lucrative prices has gained popularity even in jinx ridden India. Similarly, many other products are sold like hot cakes in India.

How does it sound when a major chunk remains below poverty line? Perhaps the outcome of globalization has really changed the mindsets of a lot of professionals in India. During the IT boom, people used to select car by looking at the color and design. Today’s world has made Note 3 or Mercedes available, so the Indians can also look forward to such international classes.

Whatever the reason may be the global ball players will surely turn towards the Indian market and the trend will continue for long.

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