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Conglomerate of all the brand promotion vehicles

Amid efforts to isolate the Internet marketing from the mainstream or conventional marketing may seem ridiculous to the real brand promoters. The leaders of internet marketing and the conventional marketing have been constantly pitching for unity among them to flourish. Joining the duo can easily defeat the threats arising out of the stiff competition, where the asking rate is seemingly steep.

Gone are days, when Internet marketing used to restrain their peripheries to the web only. Today’s web site designers have envisaged the need of responsive web design to implement cross platform compatibility. The emergence of smart phones might have triggered off the fundamental changes in web design, but it has been able to reach its cascading effects even in marketing strategies.

Similarly a strict coordination between the digital marketing and traditional print or audio visual marketing is the need of the hour.

If a customer finds the illuminating brand in the sponsored break between two sessions of the vital football match and he finds the SMS of the same brand in his mobile, the impact may create marvels.

The glitzy advertisement in the Television Channel with its elaboration in the web world may cast miraculous effects as the visitor can easily correlate between the two.

The preparatory phase of such multimedia marketing has to be guarded by rock solid strategies and an accurate implementation technique. We cannot forget that most of the brands will start communicating the same ideology of best tailored products as per the customers’ preferences. It is really difficult and the promoters may have to pass several brainstorming sessions to formulate some innovative approach that can cleanse the customers’ minds.

The brand promotion impact has to be retained for quiet sometime, before it starts yielding. Even if complete insulation is not possible, the promoters have to focus on maximum possible isolated issues that can strike at the niche customers, which is necessary to combat and defeat other mushrooming or existing brands.

The success stories revealed on the net may sound really attractive, but most of them are only partially told as they are scared about piracy to their hard earned intellectual properties. Even the leading brands are heard to maintain complete confidentiality before the launch of new products or about their upcoming marketing strategies.

It is heard that one of the major database giants had sent a group of smart developers to a distant place before discovery of the revolutionary features in their database as they were scared about losing their secrecy.

We should not also forget that some premier brands even prefer to advertise on the apparently out dated radio channels. Some punch lines are often heard on the streets as people start humming them for their striking tunes or keywords.

There had been several conventions, which may be seen as an attempt to forge a conglomerate of all such media like Television, mobile, Internet, print magazines and others.

What is the use of rolling up the sleeves to prove superiority within such highly correlated media? Any marketing endeavor should be stimulated with the aid of all these media simultaneously to earn the maximum mileage.

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