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Accolades from Transparency International

The scam ridden Indians may become jubilant in learning that Indian companies have received the acclaims of Transparency International. When gloomy world of corruption has become the frontrunner, such an accolade certainly carries significance.

The survey was conducted on the business houses belonging to BRICS which means Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. The news report reveals that Indian corporate houses have been able to sustainable traits in maintaining transparencies that have made them credible in the international domain.

Battered by major scams and political rebuttals, Indians may be surprised by receiving such an esteemed award from Transparency International.

The coal scam or Fodder scam have become the headlines in all the newspapers and news magazines. India has also passed the jinx ridden sojourn when their Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi’s name got included in Bofors scam. Even the Indians have watched that their Prime Minister Narasimha Rao was charged against bravely. The name of Harshad Meheta is yet to be erased from our memories. Such an award of Transparency International has been rewarded at a time, when some of the Indian companies have sliced down their recruitment rates and some others are found to be dwindling.

The award not necessarily means that Indians are doing good business, but certainly certifies their business patterns. It should not be an understatement that their struggle against corruption has been reckoned by all the countries. The solace is that Indian companies have been able to elevate their status in the international business platform, which certainly means an extraordinary trust that they have earned.

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