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Google updates reemphasizing on niche content

Even the veteran consultants admit that several parameters might be catered through any Google update, but to call them a revolutionary change in the world of Internet Marketing would be an exaggeration. It would be wrong to deny the influences of each Google update in their relevant sphere, but Google has been constantly reemphasizing on niche content for the websites.

SEO experts when queried have retorted that to state the radical changes in the Internet Marketing strategies brought in by Google Panda or Google Penguin or Google Hummingbird have been world-shattering, is a hyperbole.

The effects of such changes may not be on the designers and the millions of browsers, but it will be vibrantly visible on the Internet marketers, who have been striving hard for excellence.

Niche Content has always been acclaimed by Google as the prime constituent of any website and search engine ranking algorithms. The niche content has always been revered as an integral part of any website even before such modernized Google updates , resulting in an increased awareness among the webmasters to continuously focus on fresh content within their limited resources, than before.

Asserting the needs of fresh content, the experts suggest that the content should be able to earn natural links of the relevant websites who show due diligence to the pertinence of the said content. A spate of procuring links from the link farms may prompt Google to slap a ban on the concerned website.

Google has been historically emphasizing on earning links than the malpractices of building links.

The latest updates even are geared up to assign a negative marking on the concerned website, even if an inbound link with some spammed websites or links in the same page are noticed. Perhaps the clever camouflaging techniques of the webmasters have made Google this harsh. Google has adopted stringent policies to detect and punish the unnatural links and anchor texts. Any linking strategy that becomes seemingly mechanical will be strictly discarded by Google and even may draw punitive actions.

The webmasters can easily check the status of their websites utilizing the popular Google webmaster tools. It will clearly report any ambiguity of each page of the concerned websites. The responsive web design or the usage of fancy JQuery fails to cast any magical impact on the Google algorithm, though their glitzy appearances might draw the attention of millions of browsing individuals.

Why not to stick to the fundamentals and rely on the natural popularity and ranking of the website?

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