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Schizophrenia is spreading like hell

Schizophrenia and other mental disorders have been spreading its far reaching tentacles on various segments of the society irrespective of age, sex and status. Many psychiatrists including World Health Organization have shown their concerns. While many have attempted to elaborate on their observations, but most of the drafts are found to be flawed ones as newer causes have been emerging constantly. When the lifestyle of the modern money woven world is found seemingly in disarray, how can one expect to find the balm of their woes?

A legitimate impression has gone around that most of the people are not effectively serious about this dreaded scourge. A schizophrenia patient often fails to distinguish between real and unreal. Some day dreamers might be compared with such patients, but the intensity certainly discriminates. When a person fails to exhibit proper emotional responses, the close associates should find it alarming. The problem is that most of the schizophrenic patients also act normally in various social situations like other normal beings. Their desperation to become more effective and independent is noticeable. They always become keen in attracting the flash guns even unnecessarily.

Plenty of researches have been conducted, but the root cause still remains inconclusive. Perhaps, the only conclusion is that it is hereditary. There are other potential reasons also, which are yet to be unfolded. However, the reports with high level of precision discuss more on the remedial parameters than invading the root causes.

Bizarre behaviors, hallucinations, delusions or remaining in isolation may be treated as some of the vulnerable symptoms of schizophrenia.

When an adult tends to exhibit child like behavior or the reverse, the family members have got reasons to worry. The usual placid mannerism may be suddenly lost as the disastrous disease crumbles from within. It may also be noted that even a child below five years may be attacked with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder.

The substantially increasing trend of Schizophrenia or other mental disorders have certainly appalled the society at large. When an individual fails to show guts to succumb to the paramount pressure of today’s world, he or she catches many disorders. Some might be finding solace in alcohol or drug addiction.

The enormous pressure tangles the human brains slowly but inevitably. When the human minds have to carry such accord of discomfort, how can they render the right behavior?

A radical change in the social norms can only reduce such devastating impacts.

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