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Natural cure for hair fall treatment

It is always preferable to go in for natural remedies to alleviate hair fall than opting for costly parlor treatment. Many therapies and easy tips right at home can effectively help in reducing hair loss. First and foremost check for dandruff which is the most common reason for hair fall. Rub lemon thoroughly on scalp and do not oil it before using lemon juice. After keeping it a while wash off. Take a cup of warm water and add sufficient honey to it. Use it as a last rinse. Shower hair afterwards and see how it feels just like silk. Neem oil used on every alternate day can be a remedy for dandruff. Brush hair thoroughly when dry with a broad fanged comb to clean off dead hair and increase circulation.

Hot oil treatments gently rubbed into your scalp once a week before using a shampoo on your hair nourishes it thoroughly.

Never let your hair get dirty, grimy and greasy with sweat and dirt. Wash it regularly using herbal shampoos and use non-sticky oil to replenish it. Massaging your scalp for a few minutes daily will help stimulate circulation keeping hair follicles active. A few drops of lavender oil, bay oil, almond oil or sesame oil are all very successfully used to improve the quality of the hair. Trying out these for the best solution needs to be customized by individuals. Applying warm green tea and leaving it on for an hour helps immensely. Green tea is a very big agent that prevents hair loss while additionally boosting hair growth.

Hair fall is like fever, just a symptom that may be due to a bad liver or having extremely spicy and hot food consistently.

In some cases it may arise due to stress accumulation that leads to a hormonal imbalance. Lack of essential minerals from diet may also be responsible for hair loss. Having a balanced diet that includes all nutrients in adequate quantities is the path for having a head full of healthy and shiny hair. Drinking water sufficiently through the day is also a major point toward having beautiful hair that adds a glow to your face and mind. Never allow hair to grow split ends as that indicates under nourishment. Trimming the lower ends is one of the sure shot ways to enable growth of hair.

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