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Moderate weight is the mainstay of healthy living

Now days we are very conscious about what we eat and how much of it we have.

All of us are aware that being overweight or obese is a direct invitation to a host of diseases when we stand on the threshold to our forties and fifties.

It is extremely essential to lodge it onto our mental stall that eating small portions every three to four hours prevents binging. This in return also steadies the blood sugar level undulations in which triggers off hunger sprees. Keep some fruits and vegetables peppered with lemon juice and salt ready for use if you have hunger attacks!

So tweaking your inclinations to achieve a moderate weight is the cornerstone to a long lasting disease free life.

However like all else maintaining or holding ground is an equally challenging chapter that each of us should master internally. Never let the sweat and hard toil to go down the drain that went into shedding the extra flab by walking, running or exercising at the gym. The moments of restrain that bound your mind from cravings wounding your heart to get over an urge of sharing cheese or pizza should not be allowed to be lost.

Keep on fighting as the accomplishment of a desirable shape and size built over months stitched together should not be reversed.

Most people once they have achieved their target weight plunge back to their old routine to put back the kilos within months after losing them. This rippling weight has its own shortcomings, risking a heart attack for one and leading to loose skin. So stick it out and cut out the malevolent schemes for good by count your calories.

Balance meals with fiber, protein, low calorie but filling food opting for soups and salads.

Keeping a calm mind leads the way to ensure that we have a disciplined and target oriented life style.

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