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Loosing fat is essential to lead a healthy life

It is easier said than done but never let fat accumulate in your body. Accrual of fat in the body leads to it becoming more prone to many diseases that can be otherwise kept at bay through a regular exercise regime. Eating right means avoiding spicy, oily and sugar rich foods. A protein based diet is more in line to keeping you fit than a carbohydrate rich one.

As far as exercise is concerned it is very essential to have a regimen that is carried out on a daily basis without any pauses or procrastination. Whenever your conscious mind asks “do I exercise today”, always reply in the affirmative.

As for questions like “let me have a couple of lip smacking fish cutlets today, will stop eating tomorrow”, reply in the negative.

Breathing squat is a very easy and uncomplicated way to commence the regular exercise schedule. Go slow and low and repeat 10 times in the beginning to gradually increase it with time. Stand with feet shoulder width apart, arms out stretched and parallel to floor. Inhale through the nose then lowering your bottom down as far as still comfortable while exhaling. Hold a while then inhale as you come up. Energy pushes includes taking up a comfortable stance with feet shoulder width apart with the arms are in front of you and palms facing downwards. Inhale while pulling hands back towards your shoulders and exhale to push your arms back out to starting position.

A food plan for two weeks is the right way to initiate your weight loss. Breakfast being the most important meal must comprise of cereals, fruits and a few nuts. Mid morning must be filled with mixed salad sprayed with lemon juice and pepper to add taste. At lunch and dinner have chicken, fish, mushrooms, a bowlful of steamed vegetables and a cup of rice or two chappatis with boiled pulses. In the evenings eat green tea or herbal tea without sugar and milk along with two plain biscuits.

Avoid processed food, cheese, cakes, butter, clarified butter, chocolates and cream biscuits. Cucumbers, bananas, apples, soybean, pulses, almonds, curd, cottage cheese and spinach should be a must on the daily diet.

Deciding on how much weight needs to be lost must be calculated through the BMI. Management of time to dedicate to exercise at home or in the gym, walking to the super market for groceries, walking while carrying out the current work at home must be routinely planned and executed. Otherwise entire day will be rushed and unplanned making it impossible to sustain the weight loss efforts. Eating meals cooked at home are always healthy. A low salt diet is one of the most beneficial ways in a fat reduction routine. French fries, aerated drinks and deep fried food must be totally banned for good. Acquiring one active hobby that engages you physically and stimulates you mentally for an at least an hour daily is very significant in any plan of staying fit.

At any rate one has to come out of the deadly habit of moving from bed to office chair and back to live. Cleaning the house once a week aids in a healthy and clean ambiance. Solutions towards combating stress are the pointer to healthy life. If possible take up yoga and meditation for long term effects.

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