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Drug and Alcohol Symbolizes Social Decay

The popularity of drugs and alcohol indicate the turbulence condition of the society as a whole that fails to exhibit its minimum sense of responsibility and control.

This is indeed true that the lack of control of the society has become evident in various spheres of life.

One hardly bothers for his neighbors or others in today’s society. One can notice lack of synchronization even between the family members. The people tend to insulate them from the common agenda and the political parties have intruded even in daily lives of people in many countries like India.

The emergence of drug rehabilitation centers in country like India may symbolize the awareness, but it also implies the spread of addiction even in the middle class families.

When the couple goes out for their jobs, the kids remain unnoticed in most of the cases. Professionalism and high level of career orientation forces the couple to look forward to better living, whereby the kids are found to be ignored often. Many professionals have made it a habit of intake of alcohol or even worse drugs on a daily basis. If the kid find his parents to get accustomed to drug and alcohol, they become curious.

Research reports reveal that a major chunk of kids get into drug addiction out of mere inquisitiveness.

Even the seniors fail to exhibit guts to show resilience to drug or alcohol addiction, when the situation demands.

The narcotics divisions of many countries are hardly found to discharge their duties in proper manner, which gives birth to mushrooming shops and establishments that keep stack of drugs and alcohol and can cleverly camouflage in the eyes of the administration. When these shops take shelter under some political umbrella, they hardly care for any punishments.

Shouldn’t we start acrimonious debate on such a grave issue of alcohol or drug addiction?

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