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Souvik Bhattacharya resigns from Jadavpur University

While the memories of Achintya Biswas remaining afresh, we have been shocked to know that Souvik Bhattachary, the Vice Chancellor of Jadavpur University has resigned. He has also shown his articulation by quoting his personal reason behind the resignation.

The resignation of Souvik Bhattacahrya can show only the tip of the iceberg, of what is going on inside the education segment of West Bengal. The truth is that the political interventions in the segment of education has created a churning inside the citizens and not left the education stalwarts untouched.

The high level of academic accomplishments and huge experience of Souvik Bhattacharya failed to energize him to combat the direct and indirect political intrusions in the academic activities of the Jadavpur University.

It is heard that a strong personality Souvik bhattacharya did never agree to bow down in front of any political pressure. Rather, he had been geared up to criticize the Government due to the unnecessary delay in  recruitment of the deans. It is also heard that Souvik Bhattacharya had faced enormous difficulties while working with some of the newly recruited deans, who have been seemingly blessed with the political support of the ruling party.

He has shown guts to exhibit resilience against the mammoth pressure of the students’ wing in his small tenure. He also did never hesitate to raise voices against the Government order during admission. His uncompromising stance might have raised eyebrows of some of the Government officials that had gone certainly against his credibility.

It has come to broad day light that Souvik was not the default choice of the search committee, but the chancellor had recommended his recruitment for the most vulnerable post in one of the most elite universities of the country. Some of the close friends of Souvik has expressed agonies and also stated that there is a sharp difference between the environment of IIT and Jadavpur University.

We need to remember that even Achintya Biswas during his resignation raised the physical reasons, so as all others who have left their chairs during the tenure of the current Government. Muktinath Chattopadhaya is a classical example who had resigned from Higher Secondary Council with the excuse of ill health. Sugata Marjit and Chaitali Dutta had also talked of their personal reasons during resignation, which have failed to cut ice in the minds of the related segments. It is ridiculous to note that most of them have been recruited by the current Government only and they had to go also in the same regime. So, the ever cherished theory of CPM ghost never fits in.

The political infringement has certainly damaged the virginity of the education segments and the West Bengal citizens fail to create any distinction between the CPM regime and TMC regime. Most of the top rank holders have been finding enough difficulties in marinating their honesty and integrity. They are found to fail to succumb to the political pressure. Is Mamata Banerjee ready to listen to criticism?

Souvik Bhattacharya has clearly expressed his frustration for non-fulfillment of his dreams as the Vice Chancellor of Jadavpur University. The heart rendering statements of Souvik still haunts us. We should not forget that he is also an alumni of the same University. He has served IIT for 21 years almost without any break and hindrances. The Government should certainly delve into the core reasons of his utter frustration.

The day might come, when the brilliance of the educationist will lose their way into the dreary desert sand of political interventions. The list of Achintya Biswas and Souvik Bhattacharya will only be on the rise.

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