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Reluctance in Ragging can become fatal

It is reported that Abhijit Chakraborty, the Vice Chancellor of Jadavpur University, may soften his stand against the ragging accused students. This might be treated as his way to hit back to his predecessor, Dr. Souvik Bhattacharya, who had resigned from his post in the recent past.

Perhaps the desperate aspiration of Abhijit Chakraborty that has prompted him to become highly proactive and ragging being the most vulnerable case can bring him under the beam of light of media. Had it been to prove his worth, he could pick up any other issue.

This is to be noted that Souvik Bhattacharya and Siddharth Dutta had been confined forcefully by the unruly students’ wings for more than 50 hours as they became functional to take punitive action against some accused in a case of ragging.

Though Souvik Bhattacharya has left, but Siddharth Dutta and other members retain. If new temporary Vice chancellor attempts to desert his colleagues in a time of need, he may be rewarded by the Government, but the educationists will certainly not spare him.

Ragging is a deep seeded disease that has caused the premature termination of many budding kids’ at the most vulnerable ages. The Central Government and the UGC have formulated stringent policies against Ragging. Souvik Bhattacharya tried to toe to the line and never indulged in any leniency against the accused even after passing 50 long hours in a horrible condition. His no-compromise stand had received accolades from all corners and the Students had been sent to back foot.

Souvik Bhattacharya, the Vice Chancellor may have gone back to his previous organization with the unfulfilled dreams, IIT, but he must be complemented for taking a tough stance. Any reluctance in case of ragging may even force to the top authorities of the country to slap a ban on the elite University.

This is to be noted that Abhjit Chakraborty had been recruited as the temporary Vice Chancellor, before Souvik Bhattachary assumed the chair. His name was also enlisted in the recommended list for the post of the Vice Chancellor. It is also heard that one lobby in the top notch ruling party, tried to advocate the name of Abhjit Chkarborty.

Whatever may be the reason of such leniency in case of ragging, the dream of Abhijit Chakraborty to unfurl the national flag in the ceremony of the Independence Day at the University may elude him even further as he was adjudged misfit for the post of Vice Chancellor of Jadavpur University by the search committee.

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