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Presidency University with its new directives

Presidency University is an exception which has been converted from a College to a fully fledged University in the recent past. The university has earned its autonomy as a rare case in the educational realm of West Bengal.

The Presidency College with its stunning track records has been striving for excellence as a newbie in the world of Universities.

The bold decision of autonomous University by the contemporary Chief Minister, Buddhadev Bhattacharya, has received accolades from every corner.

It is reported that with such an elegant past, the Presidency University is going to implement some stringent rules and stipulations for the students within the campus. Perhaps the recent turbulence regarding the action of the disciplinary committee has worked in the backdrop of such a drastic step by the University authority.

Whenever any new laws are implemented to discipline the students, popular buzzword of infringement to democracy becomes the whistle that is blown by some deft politicians and politically motivated educationists.

Even the Vice Chancellor or the Registrar of Presidency University may be in an utterly appalling situation, due to their commendable steps against indiscipline. Can not the University impose some fundamental rules for the students? A pretty tricky proposition for the front running institute in West Bengal today, is it not?

The reports reveal that the University wants to restrain the students from loitering inside the campus after 8 PM. The University wants to be strict about intake of any alcohol or addictive products inside the campus. The Presidency University wants to put a bar on the comments of the students in the social networking sites which may stain the glamor of the University.

We may assume that the restriction in the posts in the social networking sites may aim at slightly encumbering the freedom of the students, but who will accept remarks that might malign the glory of the institution. Slight jargon juggling would make the comments be seen in better light.

The educationist or politicians have not raised objections against the free postings of the students at the social networking sites. The so called proclaimed critics have even smelled an essence of strangulation in democracy with the implementation of the rules and stipulations.

Is it that any untoward incident that should be promptly reacted against by several educationalists and politicians? It is assumed that most of the colleges and universities across the globe always imply some rules and regulations for its students.

Even the newly admitted students and their guardians are asked to sign a memorandum for good and disciplined conduct during their tenure at the college or university. The education observers must know that UGC has made the acceptance of the anti-ragging mandatory for all new comers.

Rather, we want to treat it as a noble duty of the authorities of any educational institute to restrain the students at their most vulnerable age for their benefit that ultimately formulates the base of the right future citizens. Why should Presidency University squarely accept the blame?

Being marred by so many political interventions, the West Bengal education segment has been passing a jinx ridden sojourn. Though it was cleverly started in the Left front regime, the tradition continues even in the TMC episode. Alas! No minister could exhibit the guts to term such political interferences as terrible lapses of judgment on part of the respective parties.

  • Did the Presidency University take such a drastic decision based on an awful misreading of the situation?
  • Isn’t it true that the increasing instances of eve teasing, ragging and misconducts inside the campus have become the source of key annoyance for the administration?
  • Should the University uphold the alleged students?
  • Is the University found to be interested to pounce up on its students with such ferocity?

We think it is quite untrue.

It is the constant exhibition of foul play in the education institutes across the state that has triggered the Presidency University authorities to take such radical decisions which will ultimately rail against the faltering education system of West Bengal.

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