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Gopal Mitra is taking charge for Gaurbanga University

It is reported that Gopal Mitra, the dean of Rabindravarati University is taking charge as the Vice Chancellor of Gaurbanga University. The resignation of Achintya Biswas had created turbulence in the related segment and the University was looking for the right person to take care of jinx ridden University. He has been assigned the responsibility primarily for 6 months.

It is heard that Achintya Biswas could not meet up the expectation of the Governmental authorities and there had been political influences in the entire episode. The Chancellor took enough time to accept his resignation. The news reports reveal that there had been several charges against the predecessor of Gopal Mitra and they were mostly politically motivated.

When we always claim an education environment, which is free from all political fragments, the departure of Achintya Biswas has certainly raised eyebrows. It is indeed true that TMC has been able to infringe politics even in education segment just like their predecessor, CPM. What is the use of tangle politics even in education segment?

We must take a note that Mamata Banerjee, the Chief Minister has clearly espoused the politics-free education, but unfortunately the reality depicts something else.

The observers have certainly observed a lot of calamities in various colleges and schools due to the political interferences. Even some ministers or MLAs of the ruling party had been found in the College election.

It must be noted that the dynamic movies captured by the TV camera cannot be falsified like the election manifesto and today, the vigilant eye of the media have been able to intrude magnificently.

Let us hope that Gopal Mitra, who is taking over the charge on 22nd October, will try his best to portray an unbiased image and he will really work towards the growth of the Gaurbanga University.

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