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Evidence indicate flight MH370 was taken over

On probing further it seems evidence reveal a scenario where there can be no doubt that the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 had been taken over by people who had skill and knowledge about the working of the Boeing plane, flight path and aviation. About an hour into the flight the aircraft’s transponder or the transmitting responder that is basically a signal system identifying the plane to radar was deliberately shut off.

Secondly the Boeing 777’s Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System, ACARS was also shut off. This is mainly utilized to send across short messages via a satellite to the airline’s home base comprising of two parts. However, only the information part of the system was shut down and not the transmission part. The transmission part of the ACARS can only be turned off through the electronics bay lying below the cockpit and was left undone. Hence the ACARS transmitter continued to send out its usual blips that were recorded by the Inmarsat satellite once an hour for four to five hours after the other communications were lost. The blips can only give a very broad pointer to the region in which the airplane is but is bereft of any data or messages. Investigations are going on to extracted information from the ACARS data received from the satellite to pinpoint the location from where the last blip arrived.

The Malaysian military radar tracked that the plane had indeed turned west heading over the Malaysian peninsula after going off the civilian radar. The plane then took a known flight route across the peninsula heading towards the sea beyond the range of Malaysian military radar. The plane also rapidly ascended and descended which is evident of the fact those guiding the aircraft were simply trying to dislodge the plane from being detected by the military radar. Meanwhile the international search for the missing plane was called off by the Malaysian government over the South China Sea as these new angles and an extended corridor of search emerged from the evidence.

The house of the pilot flying the MH370, Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, was searched and a flight simulator was found there. Police are investigating the found flight simulator and also searched the home of the co-pilot as well. The veteran pilot was 53 year old having 18,365 flight hours of experience in flying. Police are trying to look at the personal, political and religious backgrounds of pilots to reveal facts about their possible involvement in this search turned criminal investigation of the missing flight MH370.

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